Skoog Software


The Skoog App

This is the control room for your Skoog. It’s all you need to connect, customise and play, has full MIDI support and is compatible with iOS 11 multitasking. The App supports our unique musicplay functionality. Integrating with your iTunes media library or music streaming service the App can automatically tune your Skoog so you can play along with the music you love. Available from the App store. (Video Demo).

The Skoog App

Skoog Skratch

Skoog Skratch is a fully VoiceOver accessible sampling app for iOS, designed for use on its own or with Skoog 2.0 Bluetooth music controller. Connect your Skoog, and use it to play your own samples recorded straight into the app using the microphone on your iOS device.

Once you’ve recorded your Skratch-sets, you can share them between devices really easily. You can record sounds on your iPhone when out in the park, then airdrop them to your iPad back at home or at school to start playing with your Skoog.

Skoog Playground

Have fun exploring swift and learning to code with your Skoog! Build your own musical instrument, control visual feedback and play with different types of data using your Skoog device. Designed to work with Swift Playgrounds by Apple Inc – master the basics then start building your own playgrounds using Skoog.

Skoogmusic for Mac

Skoog Bluetooth MIDI allows you to easily connect your Skoog 2.0 wirelessly with your Mac.

It’s the perfect way to connect your Skoog into GarageBand, Logic Pro X or other DAW. You can quickly connect your Skoog using the Bluetooth MIDI connection panel, then set up whatever scales or notes you like, choose what MIDI data to send and change sensitivity settings.

This musical instrument can change the way you and your family can enjoy, create, and learn music – no matter what your skills, abilities, and musical talents. The universal design encourages expressive music making for children, parents, teachers, and musicians.

ii-Music (PC)

ii-Music software is a musical instrument designed to be played with your eyes using eye gaze technology. ii-Music includes a range of high quality musical instruments to play with, sound effects and the ability to record your performances. It also gives you free rein to express yourself musically, in real time. You can download a free function limited demo version of the software for windows below.