Play with music.

Eric Knussen, Development Officer ICT Music
"The Skoog is an inspired and inspiring creation.  As soon as they see the Skoog the pupils want to touch it and they are immediately drawn into musical experimentation as they manipulate it." .”
Tanya McGill, Orkney Islands Council.
"I really welcome the genuine opportunity the Skoogs provide us to extend our instrumental service and be fully inclusive."
Prof. Nigel Osborne MBE
"A new instrument for established musicians, and new ways for all to play."
Petrina Lodge, Scope
" of the most exciting technological developments for disabled children and adults of any age, for some time."
Wendy White Special Children Magazine, Issue 205
"[The Skoog has] transformed the life of one young girl at our school in particular. On the autism spectrum spectrum with limited speech, she struggles to cope in every area of the curriculum. However, when she plays the Skoog, she becomes graceful, confident and at ease with herself. It's wonderful to watch."
Fiona Sharp, Community Musician
"Skoog is an essential part of my music kit, as it can provide variety in group music sessions, encourage and enhance individual creativity, and most importantly, it is great fun to play!"
Young and Able Magazine
"The Skoog, though silly and fun loving on the outside, contains within it the serious potential to turn anyone into a musician and enjoy the satisfaction of musical expression."
"intended to bring music-making to people of any ability - or disability."
T3 HOT 100
"Ideal for children or those unable to play normal musical instruments, the Skoog lets you make music by prodding, twisting and thwacking. It’s wipe clean, too."


Skoog is an instrument that is truly inclusive. For many people with disabilities one of the greatest barriers to making music is the dexterity required to play a more traditional musical instrument. Skoog removes that barrier. Since 2010 Skoog has been helping kids with disabilities find their inner musician. Watch the video to find out more.


As well as being physically accessible, Skoog’s simple design combined with the software features enables those with learning difficulties to make and play music with peers without the need to learn traditional music theory. The ability to create and control musical sounds is also beneficial for a range of therapies and multi-sensory learning.


Working with musicians, students and educators from all over the world we have developed Skoog for use in the classroom. Check out our online support section for resources or visit our blog to find out how musicians from all over the world are using Skoog. The app has integrated support on iPad and  is compatible with other apps like GarageBand so you can use Skoog in all your music making activities.  For Mac and PC users there is also the software platform

Supported Supported


Skoog is equipped with adjustable sensitivity to suit a wide range of physical abilities. The multi-dimensional tactile technology opens up a variety of playing options using different body parts. Skoog has a tactile orientation marker and  is specially designed to work with a suction mount.

The App has a key detection function that integrates with your music library, and also features a built-in guided access mode.

Where to Buy

You can purchase Skoog 2.0 for £199.95. For schools looking to purchase Skoog via purchase order, find a dealer in your area here. You can also buy from Apple online or in selected Apple retail stores across Europe. For more information about our educational resources and additional software please contact us today.

Where to Buy
Become a Skooghero! It’s fun, easy and incredibly rewarding! Creativity is having fun. At Skoog, we want to make learning fun for all. Skoog are committed to enhancing the educational experience of young people and we want you to help us achieve that.

Skoog hero is a free professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators using Skoog for teaching and learning. We want to find out what impact Skoog has on the young people in your school or organisation. As a Skooghero you will be recognised and rewarded for the great work you do everyday. You can share you title of Skooghero with the world!

This programme is open to all educators. Whether you’re new to technology or have been using them for years, whether you have a single device or one for every student.

What you’ll get:

  • Freebie’s – every time we have a new product or app to launch – we want you to be the first to test it out!
  • Access to special events – we want you to become part of the Skoog family.
  • Featured on our website and social media – we recognise the great work you do. We will feature you as a Skoog hero on our website and regularly feature you in blog posts and over social media helping to grow your own profile.
  • Professional development – add the title of Skoog hero to your CV as part of your professional development as an educator.
  • Ongoing support – we want to help you in any way we can.

Grounded in Research

Skoog’s origins lie in research pioneered at the University of Edinburgh led by Professor Nigel Osborne. In collaboration with The Tapestry Partnership, the researchers engaged in extensive consultation with schools between 2003 and 2005, identifying music as a tool for improving learning engagement in children, particularly those with profound physical and learning challenges. With support from NESTA the team set out to create a new instrument that was truly inclusive. You can find out more about the history of Skoog here.

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