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The Skoog App

Skoog Skratch

Find out how to get started

Connect your Skoog, and use it to play your own samples recorded straight into the app using the microphone on your iOS device.

Skoog Bluetooth MIDI

Connect wirelessly

It’s the perfect way to connect your Skoog into GarageBand, Logic Pro X or other DAW. You can quickly connect your Skoog using the Bluetooth MIDI connection panel.

Skoog Playground

Coding with Skoog

Have fun exploring swift and learning to code with your Skoog!

Get Started

Find out how to get your Skoog setup.

From using your Skoog for the first time to fun ideas to get you playing, find out how to get started with your Skoog.


iOS app & Mac / PC software for Skoog.

To use your Skoog you need to download our free Skoogmusic iOS App or Skoogmusic software for Mac / PC.

Music Apps

Other iOS apps to use with Skoog.

If you’re using your Skoog with an iPad or iPhone, there are some great apps that you can use in with your Skoog. Get new sounds, record and more!


User guides & tutorial videos.

Get the most from your Skoog with our guides and tutorial videos, including help using the app & Mac / PC software.


Got a question about Skoog?

Search our extensive bank of questions about Skoog and find answers to our most commonly asked questions.


Get in touch with the Skoog team!

Simply send us a message or pick up the phone for a chat and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


The Skoog songbook

Tracks that have been transcribed for Skoog using colour sequences to learn and play your favourite tracks.


Lessons and activities.

Using Skoog in the classroom? Here are some handy lesson plans and activity suggestions to try with your students.


Technical information.

All the technical detail, compatible devices and product information for skoog 1 and skoog 2.0

Skoog 1.0 Education Resources

We’ve restructured our website and all the Skoog 1.0 educational goodness can now be found here. No login or user account details required just click the button and explore our resources for Skoog 1.0. Many of these are transferable to Skoog 2.0 as well!

We hope you enjoy using your Skoog – we always love to hear where Skoogs have found a home so be sure to share your stories with us, or why not check out the blog for stories, articles and more!